Madrasah Marketing Management Formulation in Improving the Trust of Stakeholders

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The era of globalization triggered changes in all aspects of life (driver forces). Globalization creates a paradigm that the world no longer recognizes the borderless world that triggered the shift era, knowing that   thenMadrasah    as   one   of   the   Islamic   educational   institutions   competes   to   be   a   winner   in   the competition.   The   shift   of   paradigm   in   managing Madrasah ,   initially   the   interest   in   terms   of   social aspects   shifted   towards   corporate   business   logic   by   providing   educational   services   to   the   person, customer and stakeholders.Therefore, Madrasah needs to apply marketing management as an effort to increase  stakeholders’  trust.The  purpose  of  this  study  is  to  obtain  an  in-depth      understanding    of marketing   management   formulations   onMadrasah  of   MTsN   Trenggalek   1   and   MTsN   Trenggalek   5 from   the   formulation   aspects.   Data   collected   is   obtained   from   the   selected   respondentsthrough   in- depth interviews, participant observation and documentation studies. Data analysis includes analysis 
of single and cross-site site data, done by doing data analysis techniques such as: data condensation, 
data presentation and drawing conclusion. The results of the research findings showed that marketing 
formulations   are   effective   can   be   implemented   well   and   easily  understood   by stakeholders   through several stages such as: 1) determination of vision and mission; 2) analysis of the external and internal environment;   3)   long-term   goals;   4)   creating   a   judgment   and   choosing   a   new   student   acceptance formula;    5)  establishment    of  a  long-term   flagship  program;    6)  formulation   of  functional   policy programs;     7)  designing    performance     evaluations   and   evaluations;   8)   designing   a  network    of partnerships. 

Keywords: formulation, Madrasah marketing management, trust of stakeholders 

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